Want To Have An Italian Mail Order Bride? Read This Text First!

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Lots of American men dream of having an Italian wife. This is not surprising at all — Italian women are just perfect, and they have no prejudices about dating foreign men. Here, we’ll talk about the differences between an average Italian mail order bride and a girl from the United States — and we’ll also talk about the problems you may face when dating these beautiful women. Let’s start!

Italian woman

Italian mail order brides: Why are they different from American girls?

Many men who want to find European wife forget that European girls are different. Italian mail brides were raised in a different culture and have different traditions and customs. What’s more, they have a different dating culture and different character traits from the girls who live in the US. Let’s talk about these differences here.

  1. Italian girls are more emotional. Actually, all Southern European women are quite emotional — say, women from Spain, ladies who live in Italy, and Greek brides are quite sensitive and sentimental. These women are super in touch with their feelings, and you’ll have to learn how to deal with that.
  2. Women in Italy spend a lot of time and money to look great. They are like Slavic girls in this regard — Italian ladies can spend up to 2 hours on their makeup, but the result is definitely worth it.
  3. Italian ladies are more feminine and respect traditional gender roles more than American women. They are not as traditional as mail brides from conservative countries, of course, but they are generally very soft and delicate.

Dating an Italian mail order wife: What problems to expect

Dating mail order bride Italy women may be quite hard — as we’ve already said, they are different, which means you will have to deal with the problems you’ve never seen before. There are at least two problems you should know about, and here, we’ll talk about them.

Italian lady

First, it’s the barriers. Language and cultural barriers are a serious problem for all men who date foreign girls, not only for those who prefer Italians. The language barrier problem is not that awful — she’ll learn English sooner or later, you can learn Italian, it’s not that hard. The cultural barrier can be a more serious problem — but if you help your wife get used to new customs and build a new country, everything will be fine.

Jealousness. Some Italian girls are too jealous — but it’s quite easy to solve this problem, too! Just stay calm, let her know that you love and appreciate her, and you’ll deal with jealousy.


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