Top Facts You Didn’t Know About Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

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Bulgarian Brides: What Are The Best Dating Sites?

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Bulgaria is not the first country that comes to your mind when you think of mail order brides. It’s not even the second country that comes to your mind — but of course, it does not mean that Bulgarian women are not worth dating. It’s exactly the opposite — there are thousands of Bulgarian mail order brides who want to date a foreign guy, these women are extremely hot, a bit traditional, and very family-oriented. Here, we will tell you where to find these women and why you actually should find a Bulgarian mail order bride.

Bulgarian Brides

Why you should find yourself a Bulgarian mail order bride

The short answer sounds like this: Because Bulgarian mail order brides are just great. However, we understand that it isn’t enough for you — so continue reading and you’ll find the 3 most interesting facts about these gorgeous girls!

  1. They are a little traditional but in a good way. They usually see family, relationship, and gender roles similarly to Slavic girls — they think that a man is a provider and a protector, and a woman must do everything to make her husband feel happy. It also means that they (well, most of them) are 100% loyal to their partners.
  2. They are just fantastically beautiful. Bulgarians are a part of the Slavic ethnic group, they belong to the South Slavs subgroup, and they look like a mix of Slavic and Mediterranean beauty (yes, we don’t use the “Mediterranean race” concept anymore, but it’s the best word choice to describe how do Bulgarians look like). They can have white or olive skin, blonde or black hair, very beautiful faces, and model bodies. They are just gorgeous, really — it’s hard to describe them with one word, but if you want to understand what they look like, think of that southern European “Mediterranean” look. An average Bulgarian bride looks pretty much like an average Italian or Spanish mail order wife.
  3. They are open-minded, open to conversations, and approachable, so you will not have any problems with them as a foreigner. They also don’t have any prejudices against foreign men.

Bulgarian mail order brides: Where to find them?

If you need to find a Bulgarian mail order bride, you don’t need Tinder or Facebook — women in Tinder want something more casual while women on Facebook are not very approachable. If you are searching for a bride, you need one of those European mail order brides websites. There are lots of such services — some of them are good, the others are bad, some offer lots of features while the others don’t… So we highly recommend you read some expert reviews before you sign up for a mail bride platform and buy anything on it.

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