Everything You Need To Know About German Mail Order Brides

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German mail order brides are not as popular as Asian and Eastern European wives. They don’t want to flee their country as refugees, they are not looking for a foreign man just because he is a foreigner, and they are not searching for a more economically stable country, because Germany is actually one of the largest economies in the world. These women want to find a foreign man just because they think that foreign men are more interesting and respectful than the men from their country — so if you treat women with respect and act like a gentleman, you have quite high chances to attract a German girl. Let’s talk about these women in more detail.

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German mail order brides: Where can one find them?

If you want to find a German mail order bride, you have to know where to find them. Lucky you, the answer to this question is very simple — thus, you can use dating apps like Tinder, Facebook, and special mail order bride services. We recommend you pay attention to the latter option — the thing is, such services are usually full of girls who know English and want to date a foreign guy, while women who use Facebook and Tinder are oftentimes more focused on “casual” dating. It’s very important that you read some expert reviews of the mail bride websites to filter out the bad and scam platforms — but don’t worry, it will not take too long.

German mail order brides: Best dating tips

  • Always be direct and straightforward. These women are very direct, so it makes sense that they do not like it when a man tries to play games or to hide anything from them. If you like her, say it. If you want serious relationships, tell her. It’s simple as that.
  • DO NOT BE LATE. You’ve probably heard about German punctuality — they say that punctuality is the politeness of kings, and if someone is late without a good excuse, it’s a red flag for them. That’s the “German-only” thing — other European girls don’t see anything wrong with their partners being late (for example, Spanish and French mail order brides don’t care about punctuality at all).
  • If she leads the date, that’s totally ok. If you have a dominant personality, it could be a problem — German girls are sometimes too strong and “bossy”, and you will have to support it. But it doesn’t mean that it will always your German mail order wife who will make the decisions, of course.

No matter how far you live from a pretty German mail order wife: if you want to date a girl from Germany, there is no reason you can’t do that!

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